Russell Bamber Creates


Designer Russell Bamber has created a stunning ‘ident’ for the ongoing ITV identity campaign using various Abet Laminates.

Started in January,  ITV launched its new on-screen identity project across the main ITV channel. Every week new idents are showcased with a different interpretation of the ITV logo created by a wide range of British artists. The project aims to reflect the ongoing commitment at ITV to creativity, giving a platform to UK talent and giving a unique and inspiring new look each week of the year.

Russell commented, “My ITV Creates piece transforms the 2d logo into a 3d form- splitting tones and colours into different levels and explodes the planes into sculptural forms. From a flat image the sculptures command, describe and investigate space whilst contrasting colour and exaggerating form.

My sculptures teeter on the edge of design, painting and architecture; selecting and employing elements freely and playfully to suggest function and familiarity. They are there to agitate a space; to bring unexpected joy and dynamism to our lives, bringing a new and exciting twist to the space they occupy.

My sculptures suggest function and are functional, but their function is to tease and beguile. My mischievous use of colour and surface seduce the viewer into joyful excitement and further blur the boundaries of sculpture and design.

Their dimensions can be domestic but their forms create a frisson; a frisson that encourages interaction. The timber and laminate I use are all CFC certified. Wherever possible my ethos is to make as little environmental impact as possible and reuse materials where possible.

I make sculptural decisions on the unlikely, unexpected and delightful meeting of surfaces and how the viewer experiences those decisions. The initial simplicity of architectural form disguises the complexity of colour: Form is primary, colour secondary and function way down the list, but crucial. The actual experience of my work is what brings my work to life.

The colours of the original 2d logo will be similar but be separated by elevation and consequently prominence, disguising the form and allowing for investigation and discovery. As a boy watching sci-fi programmes, ITV showed me what the future would be like. My sculptures now reference those shapes, those colours and that dynamism.

You can watch the effect in full on YouTube HERE.