Laminates for life

Abet Laminati’s compact grade laminates are colouring The Healthy Living Zone which forms part of the Wigan Life Centre.

The facility uses a combination of compact grade laminates from the Colours and Legni woodgrain ranges. The mix of different hues of blues, greens and black and white, together with the woodgrains have created bright, colourful and dramatic cubicles, lockers, benches and vanity units, all fabricated by specialist manufacturer TBS.

Abet Laminati’s High Pressure Laminates are a popular choice for this type of heavy duty application and are commonly specified for lockers, table tops, vanity units and cubicles. Their finish provides a tactile, hardwearing and attractive surface coupled with excellent resistance to impact, scratches and abrasion.

The compact grade’s solid core construction in 6mm, 10mm or 12mm thickness makes it a perfect choice for areas prone to high moisture and humidity, such as leisure centres, swimming pools and changing rooms, because there is no risk of peeling, cracking or delamination. The fully self-supporting boards are also easy to work with for cutting and fabrication.

Abet Ltd’s dedicated UK and Ireland Cubicle and Locker Collections comprise over 50 different colours and textures in a range of plain colours, speckled finishes, woodgrains and textured surfaces. As with all ranges from Abet Laminati, the laminates meet or exceed all European and British performance standards for resistance to wear, heat, moisture, impact and scratching. In addition, they are widely used in situations where high quality performance and design can be carefully crafted together to create an attractive visual experience.

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