Labgrade laminates a slick solution for oil manufacturer

Labgrade, the decorative high pressure laminate with a solid core, manufactured by Abet Laminati, has been installed in the refurbished Millers Oils laboratories at Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Supplied by Arnold Laver Bradford and installed by Cleckheaton Construction, the Labgrade, specially designed for use in sterile and hygienic environments, forms a hard-wearing, durable and attractive worktop. With a 16mm solid black core, coupled with a specially formulated chemical resistant decorative surface, it is designed to resist damage caused by most laboratory chemicals. The easy to clean surface complements the core which provides a smooth decorative edge to resist the ingress of dirt and bacteria.

The laminate’s non-porous fabrication and edging make it ideal for use in areas of high moisture and humidity as its solid core construction means there is no risk of peeling, cracking or delamination. It is also well suited for heavy duty working areas, such as in schools, hospitals and industrial laboratories or in any application where chemical, impact and scratch resistant performance is required.

The range is available in eight plain colours and five speckled effects with the Sei finish. This is a fine grained texture featuring a low-glare surface with a resistance to finger marks.

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