We always look to the future. It’s nice when someone recognizes us this quality. It happened in Dusseldorf, at EuroShop, the most important fair in the world for the retail industry; Abet received the Innovation Award Architecture for the development of a domotic solution applied to its Metalleido products. The jury particularly appreciated Abet’s ability to grasp the potential of a surface that did not yet exist and its capacity to believe it and investing in innovation.

In ABET we have been studying the possibility of integrating digital technologies into our surfaces for a long time and matching this drive with the growing desire for inobtrusive IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Now we can say that soon we will be able to turn on the light, activate an appliance or change the temperature at home by simply touching a wall: a smooth and friendly surface.

In ABET we have managed to integrate digital technologies into our HPL laminates and Metalleido composite panels. A clean solution, perfect for designers and payable to revolutionize the panorama of architectural design solutions in the retail sector by offering infinite customization in terms of functionality and colour variety.

The ability to transform any surface into an interface for home automation or to open and close elements of furniture has a huge range of applications in the most varied sectors. Like the naval or railway ones, where ABET and Metalleido products are already widespread. Or the domestic world, given their wide use as furnishing components, partitions, ceilings and floors.

Metalleido panels are made by a honeycomb core in aluminium or Nomex. The technology is integrated into the panel without any electronic element being visible, making the experience of using extremely spontaneous and effectively transforming it into a remote control that can be connected to any product that also has an integrated IoT system.