pRaL® is an extraordinary artificial material obtained by combining a natural mineral and an acrylic polymer. Its essence lies in its beauty, colour, pliability, functionality and extraordinary tactile properties.
pRaL® does not imitate existing materials. It has its own character that can satisfy every design need. Designers simply need to choose from a broad range of colours, which includes 34 decors – three are new – divided into solid colours, fine grains and coarse grains. Lime and Arancio stand out in their full brilliance, as requested by the most creative trends and another addition to the range is a translucent version of an existing milk white.
pRaL® is made with coloured paste, meaning that the colour spans the entire thickness and not just the surface. Unlike other materials, pRaL® is not cold – it is warm, soft and tender to touch. However, do not be deceived by its “softness” – pRaL® has excellent surface resistance to wear.
Pliability, lack of joints, lightness, resistance, hygiene and beauty – no designer can do without this highly performing material.
The sample box contains all the samples in addition to the folder with information on the entire collection. There is a description of the product with all the decors and sinks. The samples give an accurate sense of how appealing pRaL® is.
pRaL® maintenance is easy and cleaning is not a problem. It is mainly used for worktops and sinks, and is available even in very small quantities with colours customised according to the customer’s wishes.