‘Bed’ – An installation by Russell Bamber

Following a recent sculpture commission for Spaced Out Architecture (Stack) award winning, London based artist Russell Bamber was consequently given free rein to design and make a sculptural bed using his aesthetic and material. Bamber carefully selected high pressure laminate by Abet Laminati to use in his sculptures.

Both pieces, “Stack” and ‘Bed’, beautifully demonstrate Russell’s ability to utilise the colours, surface and adaptability of laminate, as a painterly surface. Each plane and finish is carefully considered beside the other, and helps each colour sing to its best.

“Stack” is a sculpture of seven separate sculptural elements centred around a vertical axle. Each layer can be independently rotated, constantly altering the colours, reflections and apparent form.

‘Bed’ similarly challenges form, creating negative spaces, toys with colours and surface, whilst also being functional (each panel is also a storage drawer that can be pulled from under the bed).

Russell’s sculptural work can also be seen at The Royal Academy Summer Show (until 2nd Jan 2022), “Hot Colour” Iron House, Birmingham and in December at The Dial House, Norfolk.

Russell is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster and available for commissions.

Russell Bamber: Instagram@russellbamber