Fighting the fight with Lamishield

As part of Abet Laminati’s drive to help the world fight against infection control and cross-contamination, the company has extended its Lamishield range of high-pressure antibacterial laminates to include new sheet sizes, new colours and smaller MOQ’s.

Lamishield is an innovative antibacterial high-pressure laminate designed for use for medical equipment, laboratories, hygienic environments and food preparation areas. BioCote® silver-ion technology is integrated within the decorative top layer to provide a healthy surface which reduces bacterial presence by 99.9%.

Lamishield is now available with all decors from the following collections:

Colours & Textures
Legni Light
Legni  Dark

The technology does not affect normal HPL performance or its appearance in any way other than imparting and enhancing its antibacterial qualities so the laminates still maintain their resistance to wear, scratch and impact.

Lamishield is available in both thin sheet and compact grade in a variety of sheet sizes including:

– 2250×1000 mm
– 2440×1220 mm
– 3050×1300 mm
– 3660×1610 mm
– 4200×1610 mm
– 4200×1860 mm