Anne Tallentire on the ‘everyday’

Artist Anne Tallentire has created a very creative realisation using Abet laminates currently on show at Frieze London

She commented, “I am interested in how objects relate to the everyday, how we inhabit, navigate and operate in the space around us and in how architecture defines the way we live.”

Talking about her recent work These Aggregations on exhibition at Hollybush Gardens, Frieze London she continued “The dimensions (and colours) of the elements that comprise the work correspond precisely to items of furniture people brought from their homes on a housing estate in Graz to a shared common area designated for collective activities.

My interest is in the negotiation of space and attachment/detachment to objects. I am thinking of how the performance of such (collective) placement especially around everyday objects can be determined by economic, practical to aesthetic and cultural factors. I chose to render panels in laminate which is a contemporary generic material associated with surface and practical application.

The panels stand in stacks on the ground perpendicular to the wall supported by batons and as such suggest the potential for infinite reconfiguration. The five juxtapositions of the four colours that comprise These Aggregations suggests how in incremental ways we navigate our lives, that everything is in a state of flux and stasis and in continual relation to everything else.”

More information about Anne Tallentire can be found here:

Fabrication: Brent Plastics
Courtesy the artist and Hollybush Gardens. Photo: Andy Keate