Abet Laminati covers Paul Kelley’s magnetic cubes

“I don’t mind admitting that when I first started designing and making my own pieces back in 2004, the Memphis Group was not on my radar. However, the use of laminates, colour, form and craftsmanship have always been, and will forever be, a big part of what I do”.

Recognised as one of the most innovative designers in the UK, Paul Kelley creates very original and bespoke furniture and objects.

One of his most recent creations is a set of magnetic cubes clad with laminate. The magnetic system allows the cubes to connect to each other in any direction giving the end user complete freedom to construct their own design and change it whenever they wish. The magnetic cubes are just a starting point, with their playful qualities. They provide the ideal inspiration for easily building tables, chairs, displays, walls and bookcases.

“After seeing a show about the Memphis Group in Milton Keynes in August of 2021 I decided that I really needed to get involved with the company that supplied their laminates, ABET LAMINATI. It was also at the time when I was developing my magnetic copper cube range.”

This meeting was the beginning of the collaboration between Abet and the British designer. Kelley, in fact, has used Abet’s laminate range for his most popular pieces.